Bengaluru ranks 5th in vaccination density


28.6 percent of the city’s population have received at least one vaccination against Covid

Bengaluru Urban is now in fifth place in terms of vaccination in the country. According to the latest statistics, 28.6 percent of the Bengaluru population is (partially or fully) vaccinated. The maximum vaccination coverage is reported from Gurugram (Haryana) with 39.2 percent, followed by Chennai (33.1 percent), Calcutta (32.2 percent) and Vadodara (31.4 percent).

BBMP officials said vaccination was slowly increasing in the city. Just a few weeks ago, the citizens’ office managed just under 30,000 vaccinations in one day. However, it has now increased. On May 26, 75,000 people were vaccinated, while the number rose to 92,000 on May 27, and a record was set on May 28 when 1 lakh people were vaccinated. However, the number fell on May 30 when only 32,000 were vaccinated. Since then it has increased again. Sources said the vaccination process had increased in private hospitals as they joined with corporate and local charities to administer vaccination. On the flip side, there are long lines in front of primary health centers and state hospitals while the supply of vaccines does not match the demand.

Yes, Minister of Health Dr. K. Sudhakar was confident that vaccination would pick up pace as they hoped for increased supplies in June. “The vaccination process will get a boost in June as we expect 58 lakh vaccines, 44 of which will be procured by the center and sent to the state for free vaccines distribution to state hospitals. Now we hope to vaccinate at least 58 lakh people in June alone, ”he said.

On June 1, 64,770 cans of Covaxin were received under the center’s free delivery program while 4.6 lakh Covischild Cans were received on June 2nd. On June 6, the state is expected to receive 75,000 doses of Covaxin.


Covishield for overseas travelers

Meanwhile, students or job seekers received Covishield recordings. The Deputy Prime Minister Dr. CN Ashwathnarayan said: “Taking into account the interests of these groups, minimal time gap between Covishield injections has been reduced from 12 weeks to just under six weeks. However, it will not be possible to shorten this time gap any further, as the vaccination may be ineffective. ”The vaccination for students and employees who go abroad has been linked to their passports. In the past, the vaccination certificate was not with the passport, but with the PAN Card and Aadhaar Card. But now, to make vaccination easier for students and staff going abroad, it has been linked to passports.

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