Carolyn Campagna Kleefeld, the author of the self-help book, is a major donor at California State University, Long Beach. In 2019, she gave the university $10 million, the largest donation Cal State has received for the expansion of the university’s art museum, which now bears Kleefeld’s name.

But clean art said she also donated “120 of her own works to the institution’s permanent collection (along with her library, personal archives and over 20 inspiring books she has written, including The alchemy of the possible: reinventing your personal mythology and Soul Seeds: revelations and drawings). The artwork now represents 6% of the university’s art fund, according to Los Angeles Times art critic.

The art currently on display is “frankly terrible – by far the worst I’ve seen at any serious exhibition venue, public or private, for-profit or not-for-profit, in years,” said the Time art critic, Christopher Knight, wrote.

A Long Beach professor told Knight, “If it was a student candidate’s portfolio, he wouldn’t be admitted to the program. (The Long Beach School of Art has approximately 2,000 students in graduate and undergraduate programs.)

Gregory Woods, a spokesman for the university, said Clean art: “We are grateful for the investment this donor and others have made in the Cal State Long Beach Museum and Arts. These donations are essential to expanding the educational opportunities available to our students and bringing cultural enrichment to our community.