AmeriCorps Week is March 13-19, and the group says it’s a time to recognize and thank American citizens of all ages, who, through their service in AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Seniors, volunteer their time and their talents to serve the needs of their communities across this nation.

AmeriCorps seniors include adults ages 55 and older who participate in Retiree and Senior Citizen Volunteer Programs (RSVP), Foster Grandparent Programs (FGP), and Elder Companion Programs (SCP). These dedicated volunteers ensure students stay on track to graduate, fight hunger and homelessness, help seniors live independently, support veterans and military families, and more. again.

Blair and Huntingdon Counties RSVP is sponsored by the Community Action Center. We wish to acknowledge and thank the AmeriCorps Seniors who serve in our RSVP for their continued efforts. Here is a list of RSVP partner organizations and AmeriCorps Seniors serving at these locations:

Altoona Food Bank–Virginia Anslinger. Lawrence Bowers, Pauline Bowers, James Gatehouse, Carol Graham, Barbara Henry, Irene Homer, Judith Hoover, Mary Kovach, Richard McDermitt, Ruth McKinney, Deborah Peterman, Gary Peterman, Rodney Rollason, Willard Rozier, Cathy Tellish, Evanna Walter, Linda Watson , Sally Wojtarowicz.

Blair Senior Services Inc. — Constance Angeski, Lois Beer, James Bonerigo, Patrick Benton, William Brandt Jr., Philip Conlin, John Futrick, Kenneth Graham, Alice Kline, Jean Ann Mitchell, Shirley Potter, Patricia Reidy, Harold Snyder, Barbara Woods , Cathie Yingling.

Community Action Center — Virginia Cooper, Duane Ehredt Sr., David Fryer, Patricia Isenberg, Judith Kimberlin, Marc Masucci, Reeder Swartz, Renee Wheeler, Carol Yoder.

CONTACT Altoona — Julianne Beiswenger, Linda Blake, Charles Cates, Christopher Cohn, Susan Davis, Elizabeth Dennis, Robert Deweese, Elizabeth Friedenberger, John Hoover, Trudy Miller, Gary Reid, Carolyn Snow, Robey Tulak.

Fort Roberdeau—William Benson III, Lucinda Corle, Margaret Fields, Thomas Gavazzi, Elizabeth Hayes, Sharon Hostler, Billie Kearney, Cameron Pickens, Jody Wallace.

Garvey Manor — Viola Bettwy, James Bonerigo, Paula Craw, Judith Frederick, Patricia Gildea, Darlene Harella, Ronald Harella, Joyce Kerns, Marie Marasco, Sister Jane Miller, James Moser, Kathleen Moser, Eileen Porta, Andrea Reffner, Carolyn Snow, Naomi yon.

Huntingdon County Government Registry and Registry Office – Dorothy Anderson, Shirley Franke, Rosemary Gill, Gini Kelley, Linda M. Smith.

Van Zandt VA Medical Center – David Fryer, Carolyn Parks, William Scott, Reeder Swartz.

Huntingdon Meals on Wheels – Allen Black, Susan Black, William Black, Gaynell Boor, Carolyn Brown, Nadine Bubb, Elaine Buchanan, Jay Buchanan, Frank Chalan, Jean Chalan, Jennifer Clark, Constance Diller, David Fryer, Linda Fryer, Robert Geissinger, Daniel Gibboney, Virginia Gill, Eric Glover, Dale Grissinger, Dolly Grissinger, Barbara Grove, Charles Grove, Deborah Grove, Gregory Grove, Kevin Hallahan, Deslee Hanlon, Carol Holland, James Jackson, Pearl Jackson, Ruth Jackson, Stephen Jackson, Alberta Keller , Elwood Keller, Raymond Kemp Jr., Frances Knepp, Joseph Krabill, Terry Krabill, Benjamin Kreidler, Donna Lewis, Ida Mae Manley, Monica Marko, Judith McCracken, Daniel Miller, Arkey Morelli, Shirley Mosbey, Penelope Nester, Wilford Park, Jean Pile, John Prendergast, Pamela Prosser, Maxine Prough, Teresa Rupert, Mildred Shakespeare, Susan Savory, Laura Shope, Mark Shope, Jeffrey Smeltzer, Jill Smeltzer, Frederick Smyers, Maxine Spickler, Robert Spickler, Barbara Stapleton, Linda Wei r, Darla White, Jay White, Carol Yoder, Marilyn Zeallor.

Penn Highlands Huntingdon — Kathleen Amman, Patricia Chaundy, Joanne Garber, Patricia Kough, Thomas Kough, Donna Lewis, Kathryn Lucas, Diane Yost.

United Way of Blair County — Judith Kimberlin, Patrick Benton, William Brandt Jr., Kenneth Graham.

For more information on becoming an AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer, contact Dorcey Cuzzolina, RSVP Coordinator, at [email protected] or 814-506-5267.

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