TThe Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s recently revamped voluntary vehicle repair program has set consecutive records for monthly customer participation and reduced vehicle emissions.

During the first two months of the enhanced VVRP, which came into effect on September 29, ADEQ recorded a record number of vehicles repaired thanks to the program – 197 in October and even more in November, 226.

VVRP repairs during those two months saved customers approximately $ 295,500 and reduced vehicle emissions by approximately 34.4 tonnes.

“The VVRP is a victory for customers, authorized auto repair shops and the quality of the air we breathe,” said Daniel Czecholinski, Director of the Air Quality Division at ADEQ.

“We are delighted to see that a record number of motorists are taking advantage of ADEQ’s Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program, sharing their positive experiences and recommending the program.

The VVRP improves air quality in Arizona by helping motorists whose vehicles have failed emissions inspection tests offset the costs of emissions-related repairs.

From fiscal 2018, when the program began, through fiscal 2021, the VVRP removed approximately 864 tonnes of pollutants associated with vehicle emissions by facilitating the repair or modernization of more than 6,263 vehicles, the equivalent to the elimination of pollution from 22,686 cars. The VVRP has also saved participating vehicle owners over $ 3.1 million on these emissions-related vehicle repairs.

Recent changes to the VVRP have increased the number of vehicles eligible for the program by 22% – all vehicles required to pass an Arizona emissions inspection test, regardless of vehicle age, are eligible.