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– Opening of the new space available for the Auser Circolo d’Argento Gabicce Mare in the Creobicce Civic Center.

A request already made by the former president of the Association Benito Giunta to provide Auser with a suitable space to allocate to the listening project and to organize the many activities that Auser undertakes for the benefit of the Territory.

The keys were officially handed over to President Ozer Patricia Cappelli by Mayor Domenico Pascozzi on Thursday, May 5, in the presence of the entire city council.

Gabicce Mare Auser now has the space to implement important projects to support the social sector more effectively and efficiently“- Declare that Osser Gabiche President Mary Patricia Capelli.

The municipal administration would like to thank the head of social services, the company Dr Egidia and the surveyor Michel Lisotti who coordinated the creation of this space.

Mayor Domenico Pascozzi and Social Services Councilor Marella Girolomoni are proud of their ability to provide a concrete and timely response to Auser, the strength of local associations, to allow them to have a space dedicated to the organization of the many activities, including listening, transport and entertainment for the elderly and the many projects they carry out each year for the benefit of citizens and people in vulnerable situations.