It’s his last goodbye.

Deborah James, a beloved British radio host and columnist known to fans as BowelBabe, has written a touching farewell to readers as her body ‘just can’t go on’ after a five-year battle with cancer stage four bowel.

“The message I never wanted to write. We’ve tried everything but my body just doesn’t play ball,” the 40-year-old Londoner announced him more than 479,000 Instagram followers.

“My acute care has ceased and I’m now moved to palliative home care, with my amazing family all around me and the focus is on making sure I’m not in pain and spending time with them. “, added the mother of two children.

James was diagnosed with his rare form of cancer, the B-RAF mutation, days before Christmas 2016 – aged 34. After receiving the devastating news, she became a cancer warrior.

James bravely chronicled his harrowing health journey with humor and grace in his regular column in The Sun, while raising awareness and funds for various cancer charities.

Columnist and radio host Deborah James has opened up about her battle with bowel cancer.

In her last columnPosted on Tuesday, she expressed her gratitude to her supporters and family and urged others to “have rebellious hope.”

“In over five years of writing about how I thought it would be my last Christmas, how I wouldn’t see my 40sand birthday or seeing my kids go to high school — I never envisioned writing the one where I would say goodbye,” she wrote.

For the past six months, James has been mostly confined to hospital care, unable to walk or have many visitors and battling four consecutive bouts of sepsis – all of which have drained her energy and “rebounding ability”.

Deborah James during her battle with cancer
Deborah James during her battle with cancer.

“It’s not about a lack of access to the latest sophisticated drugs – it’s not about feeling aggrieved that I couldn’t have an operation that would save my life – it’s is simply that I have extremely difficult cancer in an extremely difficult area of ​​my body that even today’s advanced technology and techniques cannot cure… My body is so emaciated that I have no other choice but to surrender to the inevitable.

James also announced the formation of his charity, Bowelbabe Fund, to raise funds for more cancer research and clinical trials. In 24 hours, over $1 million was raised, a testament to his impact on the public and the cancer community.

One of his last acts was to create a BowelBabe fund for research and clinical trials.
One of his last acts was to create a BowelBabe fund for research and clinical trials.

James insisted she was not brave but a “scared girl” who is grateful for the life she has lived. She entered “mental overwork” to prepare for the future of her children without her. She and her husband Seb made keepsake boxes and bought presents for future milestone birthdays.

“I don’t want to die – I can’t get used to the idea that I won’t see my children’s weddings or see them grow up – that I won’t be a part of the life I love so much anymore. .”

Deborah James writes her final column after a five-year battle with bowel cancer
Deborah James is writing her final column after a five-year battle with bowel cancer.

She thanked her supporters and the team of doctors at Royal Marsden. And she ended with advice: “Take risks; to love deeply; have no regrets; and always, always have a rebellious hope… And finally, check your poo – it just might save your life.