Tribune press service

British Sharma

Ambala, June 8

With the attribution of the symbols, seven women candidates are left to compete for the post of Chairman of the Naraingarh Municipal Committee, in addition to 45 candidates for the positions of members of 15 civic body wards.

While the BJP, INLD, AAP and BSP presented their respective candidates, three independent candidates are also in the running. Party-backed and independent candidates launched door-to-door campaigns and meetings with different associations and organizations.

They raise the issues of poor drainage, sanitation, lighting, corruption, lack of certificate of contribution, wandering cattle, in addition to the long-standing demand for Naraingarh district status for attract voters.

More than 18,200 voters can exercise their right to vote in 20 voting booths.

BJP fielded Pritpal Kaur, INLD fielded Amita, AAP fielded Anita and BSP fielded Kamla Devi as candidates. Among the three independent candidates, two candidates Rinki Walia (wife of former President Amit Walia) and Mamta Jindal (wife of Desh Bandhu Jindal) belong to the background of the Congress. Meanwhile, Selja Sharma is also trying her luck as an independent candidate.

Mamta Jindal said, “We raise the issues of NDC, poor sanitation, lighting and other issues that people face in doing their work on the committee. Soon, congressional leaders will also begin campaigning.

Rinki Walia, said, “In addition to solving the long-standing drainage and sanitation issues, we aim to start a municipal committee door-to-door service for the people of Naraingarh, improve greenery and increase the demand for district status for Naraingarh if the opportunity arises. ”

AAP candidate Anita Chaudhary had been associated with the BJP and was also a member of the civic body in the past.

Anita said, “I had been associated with the BJP and social service is my only goal, but after not having the opportunity from the BJP, I decided to join the AAP. The status of Naraingarh district, stray animals, CCTV cameras and women’s safety will be the main issues I will focus on.

Meanwhile, local residents believe that a multi-corner contest will take place during the election.

No. of candidates

In Kurukshetra, five candidates are running for the post of chairman of the municipal committee of Ladwa, seven for the municipal committee of Ismailabad, six for Shahabad and eight for the municipal committee of Pehowa.