Good attendance at Bangalore District Samiti Balaga Samavesha on Sunday; 76 RWA attend the event

Around 200 citizens and 76 Residents Welfare Associations (RWAs) attended the Samiti Balaga Samavesha of Bengaluru Ward held at the Government Arts College on Sunday to share their experiences and insights on their Ward Committees.

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Chief Commissioner Tushar Giri Nath addressed the event organized by various Civil Society Organizations, NGOs and RWA such as Janaagraha, BPAC, Sensing Local, Changemakers of Kanakapura, Bangalore Apartments Federation (BAF), Rise of WhitefieldCitizens for Bengaluru (CfB), Citizen Participation Program (BBMP SWM), APSA Bengaluru.

“The meeting was very useful for the participants. We have a long way to go when it comes to the ward committee meetings but we are confident that we can successfully hold the ward committee meetings on time,’ said Madhuri Subbarao, Karnataka Chapter Organizer for the Confederation of resident welfare associations.

HOUR Sreenivasa Raothe coordinator of Citizens for Bengaluru, told the Bangalore Mirror that the meeting had been very useful for the residents.

“The meeting provided an opportunity for the people of Bangalore to discuss various issues. We also passed some resolutions and these will be forwarded to the political parties,” Subbarao said.

The agenda of this meeting was to discuss the progress report of the neighborhood committee meetings, the experiences of the participants who regularly attend the meeting, to discuss the improvement of the neighborhood committees, to vote on the questions to defend during the My City My Budget campaign and Balaga’s proposal for the election of the BBMP.

Chief Commissioner Tushar Giri Nath, addressing the participants, said he was aware that citizens would be frustrated with so many civic issues.

“BBMP officials are also frustrated, but we must not let our frustrations stop us from taking positive action, which will only come if we work together with a positive attitude.

I ask citizens to monitor solid waste management, the welfare of pourakarmikas, streetlights and parks and only people at the neighborhood level know how things work,” said Nath.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the people of Bangalore to discuss various issues

– Madhuri Subbarao, organizer

He said citizens should approach Area Commissioners to solve the problems and all zone commissioners will be in their zone offices in the afternoon. Executive engineers at the divisional level will also be held accountable.”

“Several civic organizations came together today with the intention of strengthening neighborhood committees and participation in them. All RWAs and citizens must join hands for this. I ask every citizen to attend neighborhood committees and work to strengthen grassroots democracy,” said Raghvendra HSProgram Manager, B CLIP

“Nearly 200 people gathered today for Bangalore Second Ward Samiti Balaga and almost everyone agreed that the Ward Committees have improved. The Balagas decided to call on all political parties to include committees The main demands are to select the members of the neighborhood committees in an equitable manner and to double the size of the neighborhood committees, transparency and respect for the provisions of the law (BBMP law) are part of the demands.

We are grateful to have the Chief Commissioner Tushar Girinath join us and reiterate its unwavering support for neighborhood committees,” said Srinivas Alavilliboss of Civic participationJanagraha.