November 12, 2020
What is a Loan historic vehicles?

What is a Loan historic vehicles?

Whether rising costs of living with the same income or a sudden financial bottleneck due to defective household appliances: consumers need small and instant loans for a variety of reasons. However, many people can save themselves the way to the house bank, since numerous credit institutions are now ice-coldly rejecting the requests of their long-standing customers. At such moments, a trip to the vintage pawnshop can be the solution. It brings short-term liquidity and helps to make urgently needed purchases.

Going to the car pawnshop is particularly convenient if you own a historic vehicle. Most of the time you hardly use it, so you can easily do without it. You will find your reliable contact in an oldtimer pawnshop such as Good Finance so that you can pawn your vehicle, which is at least 30 years old, on fair and transparent terms. The reward: your instant loan in cash!

Pawn vintage cars in the pawnshop: at which locations is this possible?

Pawn vintage cars in the pawnshop: at which locations is this possible?

Good Finance is active in various regions of Germany. This concerns Bavaria on the one hand and the Rhine-Main area on the other. So if you are looking for an experienced pawnshop in the southwest or south of the Republic, you have come to the right place. We have opened locations in the two-state capitals of Hesse and Bavaria. In addition to Wiesbaden and Munich, you can also find us in

  • Mainz
  • Darmstadt
  • Frankfurt am Main and
  • Rosenheim

Are you from another region of Germany, but don’t have a vintage pawnshop there? Just contact us. Together we will find a solution so that you can monetize your historic vehicle.

What is the process like in the vintage pawnshop?

What is the process like in the vintage pawnshop?

To lend to your classic car in the pawnshop, give us the key data of your vehicle. These include:

  • Type
  • Year
  • mileage
  • Status
  • Extras

With this knowledge, we as a reputable oldtimer pawn shop can calculate the vehicle deposit value. This serves as the basis for determining the amount of your pledge. If you like it, we will make an appointment. In addition to the classic car and the keys, please bring all the important documents such as the vehicle registration document, vehicle registration document and the de-registration certificate with you.

You show your ID card, everyone signs the mortgage loan agreement and you get your instant loan. Tip: For the fastest possible procedure, please contact the Good Finance location with the shortest route.

How long can I pawn my classic car in the pawnshop?


The regular term of the mortgage loan agreement is three months. We will pay you your instant loan for this term, although you can, of course, adapt it to your individual situation. This means: If you get money unexpectedly during these 90 days and you want to end the classic car rental early, you can, of course, do so.

Just give us a call and the next day you will receive your historic vehicle back as part of the early release. Would you like to extend the mortgage loan? Then you pay all the costs so that we can extend your vehicle loan for a maximum of three more months. As your trustworthy vintage pawnshop, we will also buy the vehicle from you at your request.

Vintage pawnshop: what costs and fees should I expect?

No surprises await you in the vintage pawnshop. Good Finance stands for transparency and fairness. Already here we guarantee that all our fees and all costs will be calculated according to the legal requirements. If you mortgage your historic vehicle with us, the costs for your mortgage loan are as follows:

  • fees
  • demurrage
  • interest

We have compiled an overview of the fees incurred for a car pawnshop for you. Hidden costs? Not with us!

What advantages does the oldtimer pawnshop Good Finance offer me?

What advantages does the oldtimer pawnshop Good Finance offer me?

Good Finance is your experienced oldtimer pawnbroker that has been active in the pawn and automotive business for several decades. We are also a member of the German mortgage lending industry, which underlines the quality of our service. With us, you loan your historic vehicle without Credit Bureau. At no time do we cooperate with other credit agencies. Our offer can still be seen: Because in addition to historic vehicles, you also mortgage with us

  • car
  • boats
  • motorcycles
  • Trucks and
  • caravan

Basically, we put great emphasis on discretion, which is shown, for example, by the fact that we are not interested in your motives for pledging vintage vehicles. You can also look forward to the fact that we store your classic car in an insured building and also perform services such as checking the air pressure. Secure short-term liquidity now and lend your classic car to Good Finance!

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