November 12, 2020
Car loan from Liechtenstein – legal & without intermediaries Many Americans who get overwhelmed by student loan debt are told that student debt can't be erased through bankruptcy. Now more judges and lawyers say that's a myth and bankruptcy can help.

Car loan from Liechtenstein – legal & without intermediaries

The customer receives a normal installment loan without a purpose. It can therefore also be used for car financing.

In short words:

As far as understandable, only Lite Lender is allowed to offer German credit bureau-free credit. All documents relating to the application can be found on the bank’s website.

The alternative – car loan despite credit bureau – is child’s play to discover by comparison. Simply apply immediately without obligation so that the software only shows suitable offers.

Why from Liechtenstein?

Why from Liechtenstein?

Many wonder why the car loan comes from Liechtenstein. This loan is often chosen because it is taken out without credit bureau.

Car loan from Liechtenstein – legal & without intermediaries

credit bureau is checked at German banks as soon as a car loan is applied for. This test is completely dispensed with in Liechtenstein. People who have a bad credit bureau do not have to fear rejection because of it. At the bank from Liechtenstein, other factors play a role in knowing that the customer is solvent.

Credit only for solvent customers

The car loan from Liechtenstein is only granted to solvent customers. What does that mean in detail? The customer can choose between three types of credit. The 3500 USD and 5000 USD credit can only be applied for if there is an income of at least 1150/1600 USD. As a single, the credit installment can be repaid. Should the person opt for the 7,500 USD loan, the income limit will be 1,800 USD. The customer can therefore only make an application if the salary in this amount is available.

As you can see, the loan amounts cannot make big leaps. Anyone who uses this loan as a car loan can only finance a used car. Since the bank does not require a purpose, the vehicle registration document does not have to be deposited as security. This is the case with many car loans, but not in Liechtenstein.

Can loan collateral be provided?

With the car loan from Liechtenstein, the customer cannot provide any loan collateral. For loans in Germany, customers with poor creditworthiness are allowed to provide credit security. This gives you the chance to get a loan. It’s different in Liechtenstein.

Here, the customer must be able to adequately secure the loan solely through his salary. If he can’t do that, he won’t get a loan. Neither a guarantor nor a second applicant is possible.

Car Loan from Liechtenstein – Terms & Conditions

Car Loan from Liechtenstein - Terms & Conditions

The car loan from Liechtenstein is a loan that is independent of creditworthiness. That means everyone gets the same interest rate. This is over eleven percent. In comparison, this is almost as high as with an overdraft facility. The customer must be at least 18 years old when applying. He must not exceed the maximum age of 62 years.

There must be a permanent employment contract. Pensioners and the self-employed cannot take out the loan. There are currently no salary assignments or income attachments.

Good advice is not expensive

Good advice is not expensive

If you take out a car loan from Liechtenstein because you have a bad credit bureau, you should think twice. A bad credit bureau means that payment irregularities have occurred. It should be considered whether it makes sense to take out this loan. Those who are already in debt often have difficulty repaying a loan.

If this is not paid from Liechtenstein, it can lead to a garnishment of wages. Many decisions are made on the gut.

This time the mind should think carefully about whether a financial burden is really appropriate in the current situation. If you take out the credit bureau-free loan because you have a good credit bureau but don’t want to burden it, you can take out the loan without much thought.

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